Want more consistent results, improved
matches and a better search experience?

Our rigorous process aligns our interests to yours and drives consistent
bottom-line results by identifying and engaging topflight Talent Pools
to help you win top candidates. We never force a bad match!

Ready for topflight talent?

How it works

  • 1


    In selecting a search agency to assist in building your leadership
    team, the first imperative in vendor selection should be to lay
    down the foundation for a long-term strategic partnership.

    Consistency is important in delivering predictable and consistent
    results and we wish to be your preferred choice. To that end,
    we’ll have a free consultation to fully explore and assess
    your organization’s needs and specific requirements.

    After we commence our search engagement, we’ll execute a
    deeper requirements analysis, competitive benchmarking
    and assess your organization’s culture to ensure we build
    a shortlist that fits your organization’s team.

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    After we’re agreed on the specific candidate profile that we’ll be entrusted
    in identifying and securing for you, we’ll assign the right resources to
    commence your search engagement.

    Unlike many competitors, our professional experiences have resulted in
    a focus on operational excellence and analytically driven outcomes.
    As such, we do not utilize a ‘commission based’ pricing model.

    Rather, we customize pricing around each client’s needs with a focus
    on cost optimization to preserve your capital. We believe the best
    way to build a long-term partnership is to align our interests to yours.

    Consequently, as a matter of principle we do not view standard 20%-35%
    commissions pegged to salary and bonuses to be the most logical, fair
    or analytical method to building long-term strategic partnerships.

  • 3


    Our team leverages today’s most contemporary and analytical
    sourcing methods to ensure an expedient yet effective search
    that is razor focused on targeting relevant Talent Pools so
    that we can identify and engage topflight candidates.

  • 4


    Unbeknown to clients, many headhunters and other search firms
    do not screen their shortlist opting to pass it along to their
    clients – one of the deficiencies of Contingency Search.

    On the other hand, we take screening very seriously. Your
    candidates will be vetted by at least two of our consultants
    who will use our proprietary screening methods to root
    out potential issues early on resulting in better matches.

    We focus on assessing behavior and not just words so we
    record our candidates on video to be able to correlate
    their behavior to their qualifications.1

    Finally, we offer non-official personality assessments1 and
    conduct reference checks in our screening process.

  • 5


    Our screening is verifiable through our proprietary scoring process
    that evaluates candidates across a series of touchpoints and
    dimensions to ensure you’re able to understand how we
    arrive to your shortlist of candidates.

  • 6


    Our attention to detail and focus on operational excellence will be
    evident across all of our interactions but this holds especially true
    in the shortlist that we present to your organization.

    Our search process is codified in our shortlist which will include an
    Executive Summary with a high-level overview of each candidate
    inclusive of their screening scores and a dossier with all of their
    relevant professional and contact details.

    Our shortlists’ dossiers also includes links to candidate videos.1

  • 7


    After we’ve presented you with your shortlist we’ll work with you to
    setup mutually convenient interviews at your organization’s campus
    and debrief after each candidate interview.

  • 8


    We’ll remain actively involved during the offer process and will offer market
    benchmarks in addition to extending your offer as well as to assist in
    identifying potential hurdle points in securing your primary
    candidate before releasing your secondary candidates.

    Our search process culminates with candidate acceptance of your offer
    and we also follow-up with both your team and your newly hired
    talent 30 and 60 days after the candidate’s agreed upon start
    date to ensure all parties are satisfied with our process.

What else should we know?

Common Questions

  • How do you differ from other search firms?

    We focus on process excellence and utilize analytical methods to produce consistent and quality shortlists of high-performing talent, expediently delivered without sacrificing quality, while optimizing your cost structure and offering generous guarantees to reassure you.

    Many of our competitors offer traditional Contingency Search that results in commission based pricing pegged to salary and bonus. Our interviews with corporate recruiters and CHROs from multinational companies lead to one inescapable conclusion – Contingency Search often results in inconsistency, unqualified candidates and exorbitant costs unjustified by a search process that’s labor not intellectually intensive.

    Consequently, we do not offer Contingency Search but follow our
    own approach to search that leads to more tangible and immediate business outcomes. Our pricing is tailored around the expected complexity of your search engagement, not arbitrarily pegged
    to salary and bonus.

    We also build the right team of Analysts, Search and Industry Consultants – many from premier companies – for each search engagement to ensure our solutions are delivered at optimal costs reflective of the underlying particulars of your search engagement.

    Unlike many competitors who create a disconnect between what they claim and what they in fact accomplish, we fully verify our screening process by providing our scores and recorded candidate interviews
    to our clients.1

    In the final analysis, our approach aligns us to your interests – you need quality talent at the right cost, delivered as quickly as possible without cutting corners, and you need reassurance that the risk to your investment to secure talent is hedged. And, that’s precisely what our no-nonsense approach is designed to deliver always with unyielding integrity and unbridled candor.

    Schedule a free consultation and experience the difference with lucemio!

  • What do your engagements offer?

    We focus our search engagements on direct placements and utilize our rigorous 8-step analytically driven process to identify, source, engage, screen and procure you high-performing talent cost-efficiently.

    Our shortlists consists of 5 screened candidates although depending on the particulars of your search engagement we may provide a slightly larger shortlist.

  • What’s your specialty by role and industry?

    Unlike many competitors we do not seek to differentiate ourselves by claiming specialization only to list a dozen areas of “expertise.” That runs contrary to the literal definitions of “specialize” and “expertise.”

    Rather, we’re honest in our assessment that to our knowledge there is no empirical evidence to suggest that supposed specialization produces a better shortlist of candidates, however, a rigorous
    process does.

    Our assertion is evidenced by both research and the fact that many recruiters across firms, from the most premier to the boutique, have zero experience working within the very functions that they recruit talent.

    We have industry experts on our team from across Finance, Human Resources and Analytics – many from premier companies – but we don’t tout their credentials as necessarily resulting in better outcomes.

    We do, however, tout our rigorous process, training, business model and frameworks as key drivers to delivering tangible business outcomes for our clients. And, our methods are flexible enough
    so that they can be applied to a variety of roles and industries
    with a high degree of success.

    So we specialize in ensuring that our process yields you the right talent, at the right cost, at the right time and with the right guarantee!

  • How do you find us qualified talent?

    We utilize a set of proprietary conceptual and analytical tools infused into our process that lead to a very structured sourcing and screening process that mines passive Talent Pools to identify, engage and source candidate profiles that fit your overall requirements in a timely manner.

    It’s our practice not to leverage stale databases as we favor fully tailoring each search engagement around client need and primarily focus our efforts on passive job seekers to increase the probability of better matches while reducing the probability of future attrition.

  • What’s your pricing?

    Our pricing is fully tailored to the underlying particulars, requirements and complexities of the client’s search engagement as such the final fee will vary on a case-by-case basis. However, generally speaking given our unique delivery model our fees tend to be significantly less than that of many competitors and our rigorous process ensures no reduction in quality relative to our competitors.

    Payment is aligned to certain stages or milestones as follows: 40% upon execution of search engagement agreement, 30% before submission of shortlist and 30% due upon candidate
    acceptance of a job offer.

  • How do you screen our shortlist?

    We take a layered approach in screening your candidates that leverages both phone and video interviews1 while concentrating
    our screening on a candidate’s behavior to see how it correlates
    to their credentials.

    We assess candidates across a variety of touchpoints and dimensions to root out mismatches early on in our process and assess their ability to fit your organization’s culture. Your candidates are screened by no less than two consultants who leverage our inventory of standard, behavioral and situational questions and we can also deploy your inventory of questions if so requested. We pay very close attention to asking probing questions that allow us to really understand your candidates and to minimize the risk of scripted responses.

    We also interview the candidates’ references as a cross-check and can also offer non-official personality assessments.1

  • What’s your guarantee?

    We strive to ensure our clients’ satisfaction with our Traditional Search Solutions and as such we offer generous guarantees that can be evoked in the event a newly hired candidate resigns for reasons
    that were within our reasonable and foreseeable control.2

    Our guarantees are as follows:

    Placements whose salary is between $85,000 and $99,999 will result in a 90-day guarantee with a free replacement search; placements whose salary is between $100,000 and $149,999 will result in a 120-day guarantee with a free replacement search; placements whose salary is equal to and above $150,000 will result in a 180-day guarantee with a free replacement search.

  • Should I consider RPO instead?

    Yes, absolutely! Although we offer Traditional Search Solutions for our clients to accommodate their different preferences, the recruitment and search industry is changing. Forward thinking organizations – from the Fortune 1000 to midsized organizations – are supplanting external agency recruiters with recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers.

    RPO provides compelling economics, improved ROI, a great degree of customization and improved metrics such as Time-to-Hire and Cost-per-Hire. Our RPO services are meant to be very flexible so as to offer viable and cost-efficient solutions for a host of problems that your organization may be facing.

    We encourage you to visit our RPO website and to consider RPO as a more logical and cost-efficient alternative irrespective of whether or
    not you decide to use our company. It’s simply the better choice
    for your organization!

Let’s get started

01. Please note that potential candidates have a right to opt out of recorded initial screenings . We also grant no ownership rights over
candidate videos, only a right to access for cloud based viewing for a period of 7 days unless extended by the candidate. The candidate
has final say over who views their initial screening videos. In all cases, we honor a candidate’s right to privacy. The candidate also has
the right to agree or disagree to taking and sharing any and all non-official personality assessments they opt to take with us.
02. All of the guarantees above, including free replacements, are subject to the limitations to be set forth within your agreement.