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Next Steps

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    Read Guidance

    It’s very important that you
    understand our unique process
    so please read our easy to follow
    guidance that was created
    to assist you.

    Want to learn more about
    how our process for employers
    works? Please click here.

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    Create Account

    Submit the online form on the
    right to create your free account
    with us and to submit your first
    job posting for approval.

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    Submit Additional Job Postings

    You have two options for
    submitting additional job
    postings to us for approval:

    1) complete our PDF template
    and then drag and drop it below,
    or simply add it, and it will be
    uploaded to our Cloud but please
    use this naming convention:
    Company Name_AJP_

    2) or use this online form but
    only after completing Steps 1
    and 2 from above.

  • You've uploaded your files.
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    Submit “Fit” Assessment

    After we receive your account
    information, and your initial and
    additional job postings, we’ll send
    you a link within 48-72 hours
    to our “fit” assessment that’s
    required before we can setup
    your free consultation.

    Many misplacements stem from
    “cultural fit” mismatches so we’re
    proactive in mitigating potential
    issues before they have a
    chance to materialize.

  • 5

    Free Consultation

    The free consultation is intended
    to allow you to ask any clarifying
    questions that you may have, and
    to agree on the engagement
    scope, finalize pricing, and
    conclude by sending you our
    agreement before we can begin
    allocating resources to execute
    your search.

    We look forward to receiving your
    information and to building a
    long-term relationship!

  • Referral Program

    Do you have viable referrals? If
    so you can earn high fees for
    referrals that lead to a finalized
    placement. Why not give
    it a try?