Do you feel a desire for greater impact
but find yourself needing direction?

Now’s the time to make a very important decision – taking that first step!
We can help you to discover new opportunities and to chart a more
fulfilling course in life that will allow you have to greater impact.

Ready for that first step?

How it works

  • 1

    Free Consultation

    Ever have a “headhunter” send you an InMail with one sentence? Or, an impersonal “template” email? We have! And, that’s not the way to build long-term relationships. We’ll setup a brief yet thorough call after we produce some great matches for you to really get to know you!
  • 2

    Matching Process

    Once we know your professional and personal requirements we’ll get to work. Our consultants will monitor our pipeline of available jobs to find something that aligns to your professional and personal needs.
  • 3

    Our Guidance

    Before you’re evaluated by specific potential employers, we’ll make available some guidance to polish you off so as to increase your
    odds of exceling during your interviews with specific employers.
  • 4

    Initial Screenings

    We need to make sure that we’re making the best use of everyone’s time so our initial screenings will be recorded to ensure that you and your potential future employer are in fact a strong potential match.1
  • 5

    Yae or Nay

    Once we’ve finished our initial screenings, your potential employer will make a determination as to whether or not they wish to proceed with you.
  • 6

    The Rounds

    If selected, you’ll be screened by your potential employer and these screenings might consist of multiple virtual and onsite interviews.
  • 7


    Don’t worry! We’re here for you. We’re objective and want to ensure the best outcome for everyone. We’ll look out for your interests, not ours, so
    if you want us to negotiate on your behalf we will!
  • 8

    Job Offer

    Got the job? Awesome! Send us the executed agreement for your job offer and we’ll begin to work with you and your new employer to ensure a smooth transition.

What else should I know?

Common Questions

  • What will you do on my behalf?

    We’ll have a free consultation to discuss your personal and career goals so as to ensure that we’re approaching you for potential roles that match your expectations and preferences.

    We’ll reach out to you as suitable roles arise that may well fit your criteria in order to setup an initial screening call. If you decide to pursue one of the opportunities that we facilitate on behalf of our clients, then we’ll also ensure that we’re advancing your reasonable interests and preferences during the negotiation process.

    Our principal goal is to ensure a mutually satisfactory match between our clients and candidates and to ensure that we’re respectful of everyone’s limited time.

  • How do you differ from other search firms?

    Many competitors do not invest much time in getting to know their candidates outside of sending automated mass emails and a brief call to see if you’re interested in a role only to quickly pass you on to a client without first carefully assessing if you’d even be a good
    match for that role.

    The consequences could prove severe for client and candidate when bad matches are made. Unlike many competitors, we represent and advance our clients’ recruitment interests.

    We do not work nor accept commission based work which allows us to deploy a more analytical, careful and thoughtful process to ensure
    that we’re creating strong and lasting matches between our
    clients and candidates.

    Lastly, our company is managed by professionals who have worked at Fortune 100 companies and we set extremely high standards for our consultants and hold them accountable to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Will I need to sign or pay anything?

    You do not need to sign any agreement with us. However, if you accept a job offer with one of our clients there will be several documents including agreements that would need to be executed which would vary on a case-by-case basis.

    You also do not have to pay us any fee for our services as we our compensated by our clients. We do, however, expect that if you accept interviews that you honor those commitments and if made a job offer, that you in turn accept, we also expect you not to renege such an offer after signing an agreement.

    However, these are the most basic of requirements expected from
    any experienced and quality professional.

  • Are video interviews recorded?

    It’s becoming increasingly commonplace for many search firms – from the most premier to boutique firms – to offer their clients recorded interview sessions for several practical reasons including reducing travel costs and most importantly to better assess more nuanced candidate attributes manifested in behavior that we must analyze.

    Your privacy is very important to us as such we have strict policies to ensure that only clients who may have worthwhile job opportunities for you are the only ones to view your videos. Moreover, they will have a limited period of seven (7) business days in which to view the videos and their viewing rights will be suspended after this period.

    Clients are not allowed to download or record your video in anyway. We offer the option of not recording your interviews but please bear in mind that recorded video interviews are integral to our process and replace an initial in-person interview with us so we may not be able to proceed if we’re restricted in our ability to assess your candidacy which necessarily involves assessing a candidate’s behavior.1

  • Is my confidential information protected?

    Absolutely. We will not share your resume or personally identifiable information unless you authorize us to do so using one of our online forms. You have the option of authorizing us to use your information, including recorded interviews, on a case-by-case basis for specific job opportunities as they arise or you can grant us a blanket authorization to use for all job opportunities.

  • Am I your client?

    From a literal standpoint, the answer would be no. However, we treat all candidates as if they were our “clients” and do our best to ensure we offer you potential roles that we feel would be a good fit for you based on your criteria and also based on what’s available in the market at that particular point in time.

    Moreover, once an offer is made we’ll do our best to ensure that all parties are reasonably satisfied as it benefits no one if one side feels they don’t feel their interests are being fairly considered.

    Our client, from a literal standpoint, is your potential employer who is the one to compensate us for our services. The services that we render to you are free of charge and offered at our sole and exclusive discretion.

    Don’t worry – our process will ensure that you receive excellent
    service as it’s one of our priorities!

  • Why should I leave my current employer?

    This is a highly personal decision and we’ll offer you our perspective without imposing, but we would urge you to consider the qualitative factors that may influence your decision and not just the more easily calculable quantitative factors.

    Higher income, prestige, benefits, and better titles are certainly valid considerations but pursuing a job that is in a better location, that affords you more opportunity for impact, that reduces stress, that gives you more work-life balance and family time, and that also offers you more variety are also valid reasons.

    Expected layoffs due to an economic downturn, poor company performance or a looming acquisition are also valid reasons for making the transition from being a “passive” to an “active” job seeker.

  • Will you reveal the employer’s name?

    At times, given confidentiality requirements, we may not be able to provide our client’s name until a candidate has expressed a sincere interest in moving forward. However, you’ll still have all the necessary details to render an initial decision as to whether or not you want to proceed and you’ll be told the client name well before advancing to on-site interviews.

    In most cases, given the nature of the client work we take on, it’s highly unlikely that we won’t reveal the client name from the outset.

  • Do you make the hiring decision?

    No. We simply help to facilitate certain elements of the recruitment process on behalf of our clients using their criteria and ensuring that such criteria doesn’t violate any applicable laws.

    We do not set the criteria nor do we make hiring decisions. We simply look for candidates that fit a client’s overall criteria and focus on a candidate’s professional qualifications and degree of professionalism as exhibited through their behavior across the screening process to present our clients with a screened shortlist of candidates.

    Our clients – likely consisting of their HR team, hiring managers and a committee for more senior-level roles – are the ones to deliberate upon and render a decision on your candidacy and make the decision to extend an offer or not at which point we may be the ones responsible for relaying the news. Consequently, we cannot provide feedback as to why a particular candidate was not selected as that’s well beyond our purview.

    However, all final selection and hiring decisions are fully vested with
    our clients and not in anyway shape or form with us.

  • What if I resign from the role your client offers?

    It’s highly advisable that you never willingly leave an employer, preferably for two years, but definitely not before a year of service. This will vary across industry and even country, but professional jobs in the United States are typically held for two or more years as your employer incurs substantial expense in recruiting, training, and retaining you.

    That being said, you’ll owe us nothing if you resign or are terminated. We’ll simply need to find your employer a replacement candidate if the departure stems from reasons beyond their reasonable control. If you do leave, for whatever reason, please call us and tell us why to ensure that we’re working with high quality employers.

Let’s get started

01. You have the option of not having your initial screenings with us recorded but opting out may potentially hurt your chances at an onsite interview(s) with the prospective client and job offer relative to other applicants that do. Also, if you do allow for your initial screenings to be recorded, they’ll be shared with only those prospective employers that you authorize. No prospective employer will be given any ownership rights to your videos, they’ll only be given access to view them for 7 calendar days after which they’ll be revoked access unless you authorize otherwise.You also have the right to agree or disagree to taking and sharing any and all non-official personality assessments that you opt to take with us although please recall it may impact our ability to proceed with you if it’s a requirement of our clients that such assessments be taken before they’ll consider proceeding with you.