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    Submit “Fit” Assessment

    After completing Steps 1 and 2
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    Why? Unfortunately, many poor
    experiences among employers
    and employees stem from
    “cultural fit” misalignments and
    not necessarily qualifications.

    As such, we’re very proactive.
    We need to understand all of
    the variables that could cause
    potential issues before they

    Please help us to fully understand
    your qualifications, goals, and
    personality to ensure that we can
    increase the odds of yielding
    better results for you and yours!

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    Free Consultation

    Rest assured that we’ll be working
    hard to be proactive in finding a
    role that you want while also
    offering you potential
    opportunities that you‘ve
    may not considered if you
    had been on your own.

    We work both sides of the
    equation, unlike many recruiting
    or search firms who only
    focus on building relationships
    with employers.

    We believe that our unique and
    highly analytical process will yield
    better results for you than if you
    opted to work with any other
    recruiting or search firms.

    If you’ve completed Steps 1-3,
    and we’ve received all of your
    materials, we’ll offer you a free
    unofficial MBTI and Big Five
    personality assessment.

    Assessments such as these,
    sometimes required by
    prospective employers, will help
    you and us to better understand
    what potential roles would be a
    better fit for you.

    Please note that our free
    personality assessments are
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    We hope to be your long-term
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