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Together We can Create
A Better World

We believe that businesses can do much to positively impact our society, which is why we’ve infused a mindset
of social responsibility into our unique culture. When you join lucemio you’ll be contributing to our efforts
to extend goodwill into our society.

As lucemio grows, we’ll increase the number of nonprofits that we donate to. Together, lucemio and its clients can positively impact the lives of thousands of people by sharing our collective success with those who are most in need.
To this end, we’ll donate 2.5% of our annual earnings11 every year and will allocate it among the following 18 causes:

11. Percentage to be applied to annual cash collected, net all annual expenses and taxes, for the fiscal  year with donations to be made within 60 calendar days after our fiscal year close. lucemio reserves the right to change this policy by increasing or decreasing or suspending donations, if in its sole  discretion, should it be viewed as operationally necessary or warranted. lucemio also has sole discretion in determining how and to who donations will be allocated among its list of nonprofits which lucemio may choose to keep on a strictly confidential basis. lucemio LLC’s support of those nonprofits listed on our Philanthropy webpage does not in any way constitute an endorsement, expressed or implied, by these nonprofits of any of lucemio’s services nor of lucemio LLC, nor does it reflect an endorsement by lucemio LLC of any of these nonprofits’ opinions or political positions.