We give recruiters high
earning potential, flexibility,
and appreciation unlike
many staffing firms.

Here’s what you can likely expect when working for our competitors:

  • Minimal advancement
  • Lower income potential
  • Stressful workload

Use our platform to run your own team.
It’s like owning a business without the hassle!
Or, work by yourself and still earn a lot.

What Competitors Pay

(Average annual total compensation for recruiters6)

  • $44,747

  • $70,958

  • $46,690


$108,000 Est.

(For 4 monthly placements at an average salary of $95,000 per placement7)

Join us today!

Why can we pay better?

Our focus is to innovate the staffing and recruiting industry for a better client experience, not driving profit for profit’s sake.

Therefore, we’re more willing than other companies to share the rewards with those who help drive the results – the recruiters!

Two choices for high income

Independent Recruiting

(You can choose to work by yourself)

$108,000 Est.7


Independent Recruiting

(Recruit and coordinate your own team8)

$162,000 Est.9

Get 15% of their commissions

Embrace opportunity

How it works

  • 1


    Please submit our brief application web form and send us your cover letter and resume to begin the recruiting process. Apply here.
  • 2


    We’ll screen your credentials in order to “onboard” the best possible recruits who will serve our job seeker and employer clients with unequivocal professionalism and attention.
  • 3

    Round One

    If selected, we’ll give you a general interview to assess your accomplishments, professional and personal goals, as well as to get a better understanding of your analytical approach to recruiting.

  • 4

    Round Two

    If you successfully pass our Round One screening, we’ll schedule a simulation with you in order to determine how you approach conversations and relationship building with prospective job seeker and employer clients. We place a great deal of emphasis on the balance that a recruiter strikes between being professional while emanating affability.

  • 5


    If you successfully pass our screening process, we’ll provide you with an agreement to represent us in a limited capacity as an Independent Recruiting Consultant or Independent Recruiting Coordinator.
  • 6


    Once you execute your independent contractor agreement we’ll schedule a training to ensure that you know our policies, procedures, and expectations in terms of building and sustaining job seeker and employer client relationships.
  • 7

    Start Recruiting!

    Using our recruiting process, and by leveraging your book of business and network10, you’ll reach out to prospective job seeker and employer clients. You’ll also have a team of senior Fortune 500 professionals there to support you whenever you’re in need of help.

What else should we know?

Common Questions

  • Why should I consider joining you?

    Our approach is starkly different from what many staffing companies will generally offer you. Here are four tangible reasons: First, those recruiters who do well will be advanced and not stay in the same role as a “recruiter” or “senior recruiter” for five to nine years. Second, the national average salary for a recruiter in the United States, according to Payscale.com, is $45,345 and for a top staffing company such as Robert Half average total compensation, according to Glassdoor.com, is $70,958.6 Whereas if you successfully place 4 candidates a month, at an average salary of $95,000 per candidate, you could make approximately $108,000 with us.7

    We also give qualified recruiters the option to become an Independent Recruiting Coordinator and to recruit their own team, up to 10 recruiters, and collect a 15% commission off their commissions which can result in potential earnings of $160,000 depending on their recruiters’ performance.9

    Third, virtually all staffing firms don’t acknowledge their recruiters’ contributions whereas we give you the option to appear on our company website to recognize your efforts. Four, we also work with you to ensure that you’re recruiting in areas that won’t pose a conflict of interest for you given any existing agreements that you may have with other third parties.

    Overall, we believe that we offer a strong value proposition to those recruiters who possess a true entrepreneurial spirit and desire to be part of a high-performing team.

  • What’s the commitment level?

    As an independent contractor, you decide the hours that you work and when you work them. However, as you’re representing our company, we must have reasonable expectations in terms of how many hours you’ll need to invest to realistically be able to meet our monthly recruiting expectations. As such, we expect that at a minimum you contribute 20 hours a week. We also ask that you begin on a “part-time” basis in terms of the hours you invest in your recruiting efforts for us and that you gradually transition to a more “full-time” basis over time.

    At the end of the day, we’re interested in results and as long as you meet our baseline expectations we offer a great deal of freedom in how you go about yielding those results.

  • Is the compensation salary, commission,
    flat fees or all three?

    Our compensation structure is entirely commission based for your recruiting activities. As such, your potential earnings are directly tied to your performance. Given the confidential nature of compensation structures, we’ll discuss specific commission tables with you if you apply and are selected to proceed through our interview process.

    We may also offer you periodic onboarding related projects that would be paid on a fixed flat fee basis which must be determined after we receive client details as each onboarding project will be different but it’s another way for you to maximize your earning potential!

  • How’s the Independent Recruiting Coordinator
    role work?

    For experienced recruiters, with at least 5 years of experience, we allow you to pull from your business network and to build a team of up to 10 junior recruiters who you’ll coordinate. You’ll receive 15.0% of all commissions paid to these individual junior recruiters that you coordinate. Each individual recruiter that you coordinate must have no less than two years of recruiting experience in order to be considered and we have final approval of who is on your team.8

  • How much can I earn recruiting for your company?

    If you successfully place 4 candidates a month, at an average salary of $95,000 per candidate, you could make approximately $108,000 with us. If you become an Independent Recruiting Coordinator and recruit your own team of 10 recruiters, with a 15% commission off their commissions, you could potentially earn $160,000.9 Given the confidential nature of compensation structures, we’ll discuss specific commission tables with you if you apply and are selected to proceed through our interview process.

    Your earning potential is entirely dependent on your ability to successfully place candidates, among other factors, without sacrificing quality or hurting our company name. Our priority, as should be yours, is to assure an excellent experience to our job seeker clients and our employer clients, and we’ll impose any restrictions that we feel are necessary to assure high quality standards if we have job seekers or employers complaining to our leadership team about questionable or lax recruiting practices.

  • When will I be paid?

    You’ll always be entitled to your commissions and any project fees but from a reporting and quality assurance perspective we need to ensure that we have sufficient time to receive payment from our clients, sufficient time to ensure that we calculate accurate payment for our recruiters, and sufficient time to verify that our recruiters delivered a quality experience to both job seeker client and employer client. As such, payment will generally be made to you 30 days after we receive payment from the employer client.

    Commissions associated with any independent recruiters that you coordinate will be paid out every two months given the complicated backend reporting involved.

  • What if I place a “bad” candidate for an
    employer client?

    As an independent contractor, we hold you to very high standards and expect you to deliver high quality candidates to our employer clients. As such, if a candidate willingly resigns or must be terminated for reasonable cause, outside of the employer client’s reasonable control, then you’ll need to find a replacement candidate at no cost to us. We offer specific guarantees to our employer clients that vary depending
    on the service plan that they select.

  • Can I do my own freelance recruiting?

    As an independent contractor, you’re not bound to work exclusively for us. However, you must honor our agreement and not divulge any confidential or proprietary information. You also may not try to sell services to our clients or to prospective clients that you reasonably know we’re targeting and the same restrictions applies to talent that
    we have sourced for clients or companies from which we source
    talent from or that we’re likely to source talent from.

    You also may not recruit, indirectly or directly, any of our independent contractors. And, of course you may also not infringe upon any unique process or method that we employ. Insofar you don’t tread on any of these reasonable restrictions, as they would pose a direct conflict of interest, then you’re free to do as you please.

  • Will I receive any support?

    We’ll provide you with the infrastructure necessary to channel your work which would be very costly, both in terms of funds and time, to do on your own. The processes necessary, including an ability to safely process client payments, to run a company is very time consuming and complicated so we relieve you of these backend distractions and complications.

    As an experienced recruiter, we expect you to have an existing book of business that you can leverage, insofar it doesn’t pose any conflict of interest, and to build on this book of business using your experience. Once you have an approved prospective employer client, who passes our risk screenings, you can focus on finding them the best talent.

    We also have a senior team of Fortune 500 professionals, with over 35 years of industry experience, who can speak authoritatively about those business aspects that impact hiring decisions. Unless you have such experience we also offer you the credibility that only seasoned industry professionals can provide when speaking to both job seeker and employer clients.

    We also make available to you, at no cost, a company email and mobile company phone extension to conduct your official company business. However, you’re responsible for any charges incurred on your own mobile plan.

  • Do I have to sign anything?

    Of course! Strong agreements lead to strong understandings and strong relationships. Always insist on having things in writing otherwise something might be suspect. We always put things in writing – it’s the smart thing to do!

Join us today!

06. These figures are based on publicly available and independent data from glassdoor.com and payscale.com.
07. This figure is dependent on a host of factors including individual recruiter and company performance , however, the $108,000 total annual commission assumes 4 placements a month, or 48 placements a year, at an average salary of $95,000 per placement which should result in total annual commissions of $108,000 paid 30 days after we receive payment from the employer client assuming no job seeker or employer client complaints against the recruiter(s).
08. If you have 5 years of experience you can recruit up to 10 junior recruiters with no fewer than 2 years of individual experience, upon our exclusive approval, to work under you and receive 15% of commissions paid to each individual recruiter 60 days after we receive payment from the employer client assuming no job seeker or employer client complaints against the recruiter(s).
09. This figure is dependent on a host of factors including individual recruiter and company performance , however, the $160,000 total annual commission for an Independent Recruiting Coordinator assumes 10 junior recruiters working under you each placing 48 candidates a year at an average total annual salary of $95,000 for each placed candidate and receipt of 15% for each commission paid to your independent recruiters.
10. Given the nature of recruiting, each recruiter is expected to generate their own leads and any leads provided by the company will be paid out at a 40% reduced commission rate.

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